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The Highland and Islands Strut of the Light Aircraft Association are a friendly group of Pilots, Aircraft Engineers and Aviation Enthusiasts that meet regularly to discuss local aviation matters, catch up with the news and arrange fly-in's and get togethers. Many of our members have their own Group A or Permit aircraft and there is a great deal of build experience around.

The strut meets at the Highland Aviation offices, Inverness Airport, on the last Friday on alternate months, and is open to anyone with an interest in aviation.  A number of members travel significant distances, including one member who regularly flies down from his own airfield in Orkney to attend meetings! It's a good opportunity to meet fellow aviating enthusiasts for a catch up, with refreshments provided. 

The Strut is organised as a self supporting group under the LAA and elects its own officers at the AGM. We have a small annual subscription and a modest contribution towards facilities and refreshments at our meetings.

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