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Flying in the Scottish Highlands

Access the best scenery in the Country!

Our Highlands and Islands landmass covers 1/3rd of Scotland and 1/6th of the United Kingdom, so we own a fair chunk of the flying real estate that the LAA covers! Whether it be exploring the beautiful Black Isle, flying the length of Loch Ness, or circling above Ben Nevis, we can guarantee stunning flying that you simply won't get in any other region in the UK. With Scotland's rich history there are plenty of sights within a few minutes flight from Inverness, including: Fort George, Inverness City, Urquhart Castle, Culloden Battlefield, and the majestic mountain ranges and stunning coastline. 

Whilst most of our airspace is free of  control, we do share the sky with military and commercial traffic, particularly around Inverness and Lossiemouth. So paying attention to NOTAMS is a must as they can pop up at any time. Being closer  to the Arctic Circle, we also can experience weather conditions that are more challenging than those further south. However, we do have the finest scenery in the United Kingdom which is why we are unique.


The airfields in our region are few and far apart and we don't wish to replicate the information from SkyDemon or Pooleys Flight Guide. But below is a short summary of the local fields in our region. Be aware that most don't carry Avgas or Mogas, so fuel planning is important when flying the Highlands.  

Barra Airport (Sand, Tidal). Operated by Highlands and Islands Airports.

Broadford Airfield (Isle of Skye). Operated by Highlands and Islands Airports. PPR.

Dornoch Airfield. Operated by Highland Council. PPR. Inside Tain Range danger area.

Easter Airfield (Easter Ross). Operated by David Munro. PPR on website. Inside Tain Range danger area.

Inverness Airport. Operated by Highlands and Islands Airports. PPR and fuel via Highland Aviation.

Knockbain Farm (Dingwall). Operated by David Lockhart.

Contact  Telephone 01349 862476

Plockton Airfield. Owned by Highland Council, operated by PDG Helicopters. PPR. Honesty box for cash landing fee.

Contact  Telephone 01667 305979

Wick Airport (John O' Groats). Operated by Highlands and Islands Airports. PPR.

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